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Easter Messy Church Resources

Hi everyone and welcome to the Messy Church resource page for Easter at home!

With thanks to Wendy Smith from St Nicholas Church for kindly sharing these ideas.

  1. Make a cut out donkey from card with clothes pegs for legs and wool for mane & tail. (See attached PDF for donkey template) Jesus entering Jerusalem.
  2. Easter garden, use a rectangular foil tray, line with 2/3 sheets of kitchen roll. Half fill with garden soil. Jesus tomb made out of half a cardboard cup half buried in soil. Dot small flowering plants around the garden.
  3. Palm branches to wave as happened when the crowds welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem. Not palms exactly but strips of crepe paper attached to the longest cardboard tube you can find.
  4. A cross can be drawn and coloured in on any paper with a crown of thorns. With the words “Forgive them Father” written underneath.
  5. Choc Krispy nests with choc eggs. To symbolise the new life Jesus gives when you get to know him. Made by melting chocolate in a bowl over hot water (Adult help needed here). Take off heat & add Rice Krispies to the bowl so that they are all covered in chocolate, fill paper cases making a nest for the small chocolate eggs. Leave a little while to harden then enjoy!

Hope everyone enjoys these activities. Have a lovely Easter, stay safe everyone, may we pray that we can all be together soon.

In our thoughts and prayers. Revd Clive and the Messy Church Team.