Update from the Vicarage

Dear friends

As I write this we are preparing to open once more for Worship! It will be very different but it will also be a great joy to be able to come together safely to give worship and praise to the God who is watching over every one of us as we go through this difficult time.

The churches have all been prepared and completed risk assessments in order to be Covid safe and secure. For the time being we shall only be using the Orders of Service which I have been sharing on-line and I will continue to post that and a reflection on-line so that wherever you are either with us in church or at home we can all share in the same act of worship together.

At the moment because of the social distancing requirements we will only be able to offer a limited seating capacity, at Sibsey that will be 30 however that number may well be reduced in the smaller church buildings within the benefice, so do please let the Church Wardens or myself know in advance if you can that you would like to attend, so that we do not have to turn people away because of the limitation in seating capacity.

We will see how things work out and then hopefully replace the service with Holy Communion when it is safe and practical to do so.  

When you come to church you are asked to maintain a safe social distance at all times and signage will help to assist you with this. You will be required to wear a face mask throughout the service in order to protect those around you. The celebrant and readers because of the need to raise their voices will wear protective face screens. 

You will be met at the door and a register will be taken in order to facilitate track and trace in case of an outbreak of infection. You will then be escorted to an available seat, please remain in your seats throughout the service. Where toilet facilities are available they will be open and directional signs will be in place please follow them whilst maintaining social distancing.

Unfortunately singing is not permitted at this time but our organists will be available so that we can at least hear some familiar hymns and music during the time we will be together.

When it is time to leave please exit church from the rear seats first, do not linger inside the building and please keep socially distanced from the person in front of you.

I look forward to being able to lead Worship in the churches under my care and I ask for your patience and understanding as we seek to share in our thanksgiving to God together.

With my prayers and best wishes

Reverend Clive