Covid-19 Update – 15th July 2020

All Churches in the Carrington and Brothertoft Groups will remain closed except for Wednesday Cleaning and Sunday Worship to help to contain the Virus and create a safe environment for people to congregate.

Please note Holy Communion Services are still suspended at the moment.

For more information read the vicarage letter – 15th July 2020

Read the update vicarage letter – 25th July 2020

Church Service Service and Event Rotation.

Below is a list of the service rotation and events for each of the churches over the next month. We extend an invitation to you to come and visit us, whether you are interested in one of our upcoming events or would like to attend our next service you will be more than welcome.

Covid-19 Service Notes

Service / Event Date Further Information
Carrington Morning Worship 20th September 2020 10:30am
Sibsey Holy Communion 20th September 2020 10:30am
Kirton Holme Holy Communion 20th September 2020 10:45am
New Bolingbroke Morning Worship 27th September 2020 09:00am
Langrick Holy Communion 27th September 2020 10:45am
Sibsey Holy Communion 4th October 2020 10:30am
Wildmore Morning Worship 4th October 2020 10:45am