Church Service Service and Event Rotation.

Below is a list of the service rotation and events for each of the churches over the next month. We extend an invitation to you to come and visit us, whether you are interested in one of our upcoming events or would like to attend our next service you will be more than welcome. There may need to be some changes to advertised services during the interregnum if a Priest is not available to provide a Communion service

Service / Event Date Time More Details
Langrick Church Service 8th September 2019 10:45am till 11:45am Holy Communion
Holland Fen Country Fayre 8th September 2019 1:00pm till 5:00pm Holland Fen Church
Community Coffee Morning 9th September 2019 10:00am till 11:30am Kirton Holme Church Hall Coffee/Tea & Cake - £1.50
Kirton Holme & Hubbert’s Bridge Never Forgotten Club 12th September 2019 2:00pm till 4:00pm Kirton Holme Church Hall Phone Peggy for details - 01205 290208
Wildmore Church Service 15th September 2019 10:45am till 11:45am Morning Worship
Music Night 20th September 2019 7:30pm till 10:00pm Kirton Holme Church Hall Featuring Dean and Co (with a mix of Country, Irish and Rock & Roll) Tickets - £6 (includes buffet supper) - available from Churchwardens and Church Members
Brothertoft Church Service 22nd September 2019 10:45am till 11:45am Holy Communion
Nine Churches Communion Service 29th September 2019 10:30am till 11:30am St Margaret's Church. Sibsey
Holland Fen Church Service 6th October 2019 10:45am till 11:45am Holy Communion - Harvest followed by lunch
Quiz Night 11th October 2019 7:30pm till 10:00pm Langrick Village Hall Tickets - £6 For tickets (includes buffet supper) or more info please call - 01526 342039 or 07800 862190